AOPA Steel Hot Pot and Korean BBQ Grill Table 2 in 1 Z67B-1

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AOPA Steel Hot Pot and Korean BBQ Grill Table 2 in 1 Z67B-1
Features of AOPA korean restaurant bbq grill accessory table:
1. Anti-slip tempered glass-Safety, high temperature resistance, surface abrasion resistance, scratch-resistant, acid and alkali, and easy to clean; BBQ grill and hot pot table with solid surface is non-toxic, inodorous and nonradiative, safe for food contact.

2. Anti-slip galss is non porous. Stains will not seep into the surface.
3. The color of the tabletop is optional, it heat absorption characteristics, can shorten the baking time and save energy costs;
4. Durable frame and base, high strength is not easy to deformation, can ensure the stability of product quality. 
5. Smokeless electric bbq grill- independent R&D industrial electric bbq grill and hot pot, high quality

6. High temperture resistant, not out of shape,never rust and there are many colors to choose accroding your requirements,also the size of table can be design production according your demand.


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